SDG (Spiegel Design Group) is a full-service web design, development, and e-commerce agency in Los Angeles. Our services include design, development, ecommerce, database integration, content management, and search engine optimization.
2021 S. Westgate Ave
Los Angeles
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Fresh Perspective.

We're the strategic, creative and engineering folks behind some of your favorite websites and apps.

Solid Process.

At SDG, we do without the big departments, the complex bureaucracy & the frustrating red tape. There are no layers here. We don't believe in outsourcing & we deeply care about quality, standards & doing it the right way. Everyone here can either code or design (and many times both). Direct is an understatement. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this makes.


Our business is 100% referral driven. We're not big fans of salesmen & we don't believe in selling you something you don't need. Trust us.


We're a team of experts. Working with us, is working with the best of us. Our primary focus is eCommerce & mobile-first UX driven design.


Our 100% in-house team covers design & development, Magento & Shopify, iOS & Android apps and strategic consulting services.

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Spiegel Design Group, Inc.
Spiegel Design Group, Inc.
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2021 Westgate Ave
Los Angeles,California,90025USA